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As early as in the 16th and 17th centuries, the von Buenau family maintained an exclusive court chapel, from where musicians, such as Andreas Hammerschmidt and Daniel Selichius emerged. Following that musical tradition, numerous cultural events are performed at Weesenstein Castle.

Annual events include the Medieval Weesenstein Festival and the Castle Christmas. Similarly diverse is the wide range of concerts and theater performances, literary and musical programs and offers for our youngest visitors.

Be it a castle festival, a theater evening, a thrilling reading or a concert in special atmosphere: you can certainly find something  in our database that will be to your taste.

Exhibitions at Weesenstein Castle

Regarding its architecture: everything seems to be upside down. Weesenstein Castle was growing from top to bottom.
The current exhibition invites visitors today to a time travel through Saxon history, however, in inverse order. The way to the Middle Ages will take you up!

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