Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. Scope

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the ticket sale for events held at Weesenstein Castle, whose organizer is the Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen gGmbH in its own name and on its own account. If tickets are distributed via a service provider or for third parties, their respective Terms and Conditions shall apply.

II. Contract Conclusion

a) By sending off the order online or by ordering on the phone, the customer is bound to such order of tickets. The contract is concluded upon submission of the invoice or the direct purchase of tickets at the museum shop.
b) No warranty is assumed for the correctness of dates and prices contained in the website appearance or in the schedule of events of Weesenstein Castle. The dates and conditions specified on the invoice are binding. The customer has no right to rescind the contract if the conditions specified on the invoice do not agree with the conditions in the order. Any rescission must be submitted in writing 14 days at the latest after receipt of the invoice and 14 days at the latest before the event in question takes place.
c) The customer shall immediately be informed if an event is sold out short-term.

III. Ticket Sales

a) Invoices are delivered by postal mail. Payment is made by bank transfer.
b) The processing fee per order, which may include orders for several events, is € 2.00.

IV. Exchange, Return, Rights of Revocation

a) Any order is binding and obliges the customer to accept and pay for the tickets ordered. As such orders are related to leisure activities, especially to the sale of tickets for events, no case in this respect can be interpreted as a distance contract for the sale of goods pursuant to Section 312b, German Civil Code. This precludes the two-week right of return or revocation.
b) The organizer is not obliged to take back or exchange correctly delivered tickets.
c) In cases of events being canceled, postponed or their programs changed, the organizer will inform the customer by phone, e-mail or letter. In such case, the tickets can be exchanged for others of equal value or returned and reimbursed by bank transfer.

V. Privacy

Any personal details (name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address) required for handling the order or used for that purpose exclusively. Any disclosure to third parties is precluded.